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One on One counseling in Harrisburg

As a Professionally Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing professional individual counseling services in the Harrisburg area for over 30 years, I have had the chance to accompany thousands of individuals as they navigate life challenges, and I am blessed to see so many better off after only 6-8 sessions.

My primary counseling method is the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a relatively brief, solution focused therapy that puts individuals back in control of their lives, helping them live beyond their struggles and regain mastery over their actions and emotions.

Recognized for Excellence in Client Care

I was recently recognized for Achievements in Clinical Excellence by United Behavioral Health. For them, effective counseling means seeing individuals better off after a course of counseling, not engaging in ongoing therapy for years at a time.

I accept all major insurance providers and keep a flexible counseling schedule for working clients and those with families.

Anxiety, Depression and Other Mood Disorders are Increasingly Common

As many as 1 in 4 Americans have received professional counseling, a number which has risen in recent years as it becomes more acceptable to admit that none of us has it all together all the time.

Many of those seeking counseling will come on their own behalf, seeking help for mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Others will need to discuss stress management issues, such as work-related issues, eating disorders and self-harm issues.

Other individuals will seek counseling for help gaining control over addictive behaviors, such as smoking, drug abuse, and pornography addiction.

Still others are seeking to process trauma and grief, both challenging issues that can affect the way we relate to and understand our world in fundamental ways.

Reaching out for Professional Individual Counseling is a sign of Strength

Reaching out for counseling is a sign of strength and resolve. It means admitting that we are not superheroes, that we struggle and do not always feel like we have a clear way to move ahead.

It also means that we have hope that things can be different for us and for those whose lives we impact, including our families, co-workers and communities.

Merle Mullins Counseling Provides Local In-Person Counseling on a Flexible Schedule

The pace and demands of our modern lives rarely afford us the opportunity to process our challenges, be they stress related or proceeding from mood disorders or past trauma. Professional individual counseling located nearby can help us move through cycles of grief and trauma, move beyond addictive patterns of behavior, and regain control of the direction and course of our lives.

I provide flexible scheduling options for working professionals and those with families.

It is also easy to set an initial or continuing appointment. Just visit my hours and schedule area, and schedule yourself for an available time. Two-hour sessions are also available.

Each Individual Will Face Unique Challenges in Life

No matter the circumstance, each individual will face challenges that are unique, and may require the personal, compassionate attention of a professionally licensed individual counselor near to them. Please reach out if you are in need of professionally licensed counseling services in the Harrisburg area. I am looking forward to speaking with you.

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