Walking with Veterans for Over Two Decades

Professional Veterans Counseling in Central PA

Experienced Veterans Counselors in Harrisburg PA are needed now more than ever.

Veterans Mental Health Counseling is an important part of reintegration for many veterans, particularly those who have experienced combat or served in combat zones, and those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Life after deployment is not easy. A veteran may feel constantly on edge, always uneasy. Marriages often suffer as the returning spouse struggles to adjust to a normal routine that has become unfamiliar. Even basic functions, like sleeping, eating and spending time with family and friends can be disturbed.

Many veterans are provided with generic prescriptions that simply cannot make up for what is missing in their lives now. They move rapidly from one prescription to the next, and in some cases begin adding alcohol to the mix in an attempt to cope with a growing distance between themselves and the world around them.

What these prescriptions cannot provide is a meaningful path to transition. They cannot bridge the gap between the veteran and their loved ones, and they cannot help a veteran find a useful application for the discipline, leadership, and non-combat skills they developed while serving abroad.

A Partner in Veterans Care

I have been an in-network provider with Military1 Source for many years. I am committed to their mission to provide effective, compassionate counseling for veterans throughout the Harrisburg region.

Effective, Confidential Counseling to Help Veterans Succeed in Transition and Beyond

I am proud and blessed to have walked alongside veterans for more than two decades as they navigate challenging arenas such as

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Alcohol
  • Drug usage, (both prescription and non-prescription)
as well as:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Career Advancement
  • Marital issues

Rebuilding the Bridges Between Veterans and their Loved Ones

My focus is on rebuilding the bridges between veterans and their loved ones, and reintegrating them to their communities and workforce, recognizing that above all a veteran is a person like other persons, needing to be heard, to be affirmed, challenged and respected.

My work is based on the solid evidence of veterans counseling practices that have helped thousands of veterans transition effectively to civilian life. I have trained in and practiced a wide variety of proven treatments, because no single solution or program is effective for every individual.

A Commitment to the Whole Person through Family and Couples Counseling

Being committed to the whole person means recognizing that families and spouses play an integral role in the life, happiness and success of veterans. But it also means recognizing that veterans play an equally important role in the lives of their families, in their marriages, workplaces and communities. A witness of sacrifice and commitment are easy to mention, and hard to earn. But what we must never forget is that veterans are more than their years of service. Each individual is unique, bringing talents, traits and genius that our families and communities would be impoverished without.

Rediscovering our role in our families, our relationships and our communities can help us realize the potential of years of service and commitment.

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